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FSC Pre-auditDebra TweetAudits6/24/2009180.50 KBDownload
MAJOR CAR No. 1 - Chemical UseDebra TweetCAR's and NC's3/25/20162.95 MBDownload
MAJOR CAR No. 1 - Chemical Use - actual chemical recordDebra TweetCAR's and NC's3/25/20162.22 MBDownload
MAJOR CAR No. 1 - Chemical Use - CSFMCC Chemical CommitmentDebra TweetCAR's and NC's3/25/201622.97 KBDownload
MAJOR CAR No. 2 - Forest Management Guidelines - Best Management PracticesDebra TweetCAR's and NC's3/25/201626.00 KBDownload
MINOR CAR No. 3 - UtilizationDebra TweetCAR's and NC's6/25/200938.50 KBDownload
MINOR CAR No. 4 - Periodic or ongoing inventoryDebra TweetCAR's and NC's6/25/200928.00 KBDownload
MINOR CAR No. 5 - BiodiversityDebra TweetCAR's and NC's6/25/200935.00 KBDownload
MINOR CAR No. 6 - Staff educationDebra TweetCAR's and NC's6/25/200929.50 KBDownload
MINOR CAR No. 7 - Contractor Education and TrainingDebra TweetCAR's and NC's6/24/200929.00 KBDownload
MINOR CAR No. 8 - Information for continual improvementDebra TweetCAR's and NC's3/25/201631.50 KBDownload
MN CSFMCC Stage 2 FSC Corrective Action Summary (CAR)Debra TweetAudit summary6/25/200995.50 KBDownload
MN CSFMCC Stage 2 SFI Non Conformance Summary (NC)Debra TweetAudit summary6/24/200974.50 KBDownload
SFI Pre-auditDebra TweetAudits6/24/200976.50 KBDownload


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